2006  Blackwater  Polar 400 Airship ( Blimp)


2006 / 2007 Blackwater Airship Polar 400

FAA Registration N6542B

RPAV Propulsion System

120Ft Long Airship

Original Purchase Price Was 4.2 Million Dollars!


Blackwater Airships LLC was established in January 2006 as the newest Blackwater venture -- with a mission to build a remotely piloted airship vehicle (RPAV). Although seemingly different from the traditional Blackwater mission, this new venture was to provide a persistent surveillance capability is fully consistent with the Blackwater goal of offering solutions which help to protect our forces wherever they are deployed and support our homeland security.


The Blackwater Airships team completed design work at the end of 2006 and began  building the Polar 400 airship. This highly capable RPAV would provide a platform ready to accommodate a wide variety of state-of-the-art surveillance, communications and detection equipment that can record and store events and downlink them in real-time to ground operators. The make-up of the mission payload of up to 400 lbs will be determined by customer requirements -- whether for combat areas, port or border security, or coastal patrol.

The prototype Polar 400 was used and Blackwater Airships wanted to begin selling or leasing airships to Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security and other government customers. The Polar 400 is designed to operate for 48 to 60 hours at altitudes from 5,000 to 15,000 feet. The unique design of the RPAV propulsion system will give it the capability to loiter over a desired location with excellent low-speed maneuverability, along with an ability to fly at up to 50 knots to move quickly to and from a target area.

The US Private military security firm Blackwater has been developing an airship called Polar 400 the blimp has been on tests at the Airdock #1 Hangar of the U. S. Naval Air Station (LTA) Weeksville in Elizabeth City. The hangar belongs to TCOM LP who have been part of the Polar 400 development. The Polar 400 project is part of a Blackwater sub company called Blackwater Airships LLC which was established in January 2006.

Hydraulic propulsion system.

Since information about the Blackwater blimp are very sparse we would like to share a few additional bits bits of information with you.

The Polar 400 airship has the FAA registration N6542B, the arrangement of the engines is very similar to that of the Zeppelin NT with two engines on each side of the envelope in the middle and an additional rear engine, that has two props. A difference to the Zeppelin NTs prop configuration is that the aft engines are not vectored where as the Zeppelin can point one of it's aft props 90° downwards. A unique feature of the Blackwater blimp is that it is a blimp and still has it's engines attached to the envelope. Until now all blimps had their engines on the gondola. The Zeppelin NT uses it's internal rigid frame to allow positioning of the engines on the envelope.


We Purchased this Airship along with Blackwaters Grizzly’s MRAPS. We are not into aviation, but we feel the Polar 400 is mostly complete. We have 3 Engines and tons of extra parts that could fill a tractor trailer. We feel the Polar 400 is 90-100% complete. We even have all the original blueprints and paperwork. The props where boxed and inspected along with most the parts when disassembled. The material around the 4 wings is torn otherwise we didn't notice any damage.  The Airship is stored indoors and can be inspected.


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